Jan 12, 2011

Email Blueprints: 36 Open Source Email Templates on GitHub

As 2010 drew to a close, we wrapped up a pretty important email marketing project that’s gonna make designing professional emails even easier in MailChimp. We created 36 new Start From Scratch email templates that introduce a plethora of layout options, and a host of new controls to repeat and hide content modules, auto-resize images to fit in a template, and a whole lot more. Fabio, our resident email template master, already blogged about all of the fancy features and layout possibilities, but you may have missed it while sipping eggnog by the fire and enjoying your favorite holiday program on the tele.

These new templates help newbies and pros alike make some pretty sophisticated designs quickly. Since these templates are so useful, we’re releasing the source of all 36 of them as an open source project called Email Blueprints on GitHub. You can download them and use them as a starting point for every email you build. If you’re a coder designing and building templates for your clients or even just yourself, these starter templates will help you big time. Here’s how:

  • they’re tested in all major email clients
  • they use our template language to tie into the MailChimp template design interface your clients will use to customize design
  • they contain all of the hooks for new MailChimp template controls like repeatable modules, hideable modules, and module variants
  • they contain merge tags to generate dynamic content like archive and unsubscribe links, address, and all the CAN SPAM requirements
  • the have social networking links for Facebook and Twitter built right in
  • they use Facebook’s Open Graph so your campaign can be shared on Facebook more elegantly

In this set of 36 templates, we have examples of basic newsletters, sophisticated photo gallery layouts, stationary style layouts, and even mobile specific layouts among others. With all of the hard stuff already done for you, you can focus on making really great designs and writing content that’s going to get you and your clients better results from your campaigns.

Download the source or checkout the Git repository.