Feb 29, 2012

36 new templates for v6.9

As Ben mentioned in his summary, this month’s release sees the addition of 36 new templates to the template library, the bulk of which live in a category that’s been inexplicably neglected: sports. Long-ish ago we did have a sports category, but through my couple of years of template management, the templates in the category were scrapped and the category itself was killed. Maybe. My memory’s pretty hazy.

I’m getting side-tracked. Basically: sports templates! We have them:

Sports templates by MailChimp

We’ve brought the category back with template designs representing 8 different sports, plus 2 designs that are more generic in nature. Each of these template designs come in 3 layout flavors, making for a total of 30 templates. You’ll find the usual suspects (in the U.S., at least): baseball, football, and basketball. As far as other sports go, we’ve got soccer, tennis, golf, volleyball, and lacrosse. Not a bad start. We’ll expand with other sports like cricket, roller derby, and maybe even Calvinball in one of our future releases.

I just realized we missed hockey. Sorry Canada. I’ll take care of that immediately.

This release also brings a template that app developers should enjoy; the iPhone & iPad template:

iPhone & iPad App template by MailChimp
The iPhone & iPad App template, available in three variations

This template can be found in the ‘technology’ category, along with all the other mobile app templates we offer. An iPad-only template is in the pipe, and will be coming in the next release.

Finally, we’ve added another new category in ‘education’, which is home to the Graduation Invitation template:

The graduation invitation template by MailChimp
The Graduation Invitation template, available in three variations

The ‘education’ category will be the future home for templates geared towards PTA organizations, schools of all levels, and more. The next batch of templates in this category will also be coming in the next release.

That’s all I’ve got.