Jul 20, 2011

33 New Email Templates

On your next foray into the campaign builder you’ll notice that we’ve just released a whole bunch of new templates—33 templates to be exact. We released six new templates in June, which brings our grand total of new templates in the past few weeks to just shy of 40.

Figure 1. A new color field newsletter template.

Here’s a quick breakdown of the templates you’ll find in the latest release:

  • Stationery: 6
  • Coupons: 12
  • Inspirational: 6
  • Newsletter: 3
  • Eventbrite: 3
  • SurveyMonkey: 3

Use the new stationery templates to send professional letters from the head honcho or quick updates to your subscribers on projects in the works (figure 2). If you run a retail store or an ecommerce site, the new coupon templates are going to be really handy as we approach back to school and the holiday season (figure 4). These puppies have QR Code merge tags built in so you can create a discount, then use our Pyow iPhone app to handle the redemption at your store.

Figure 2. A selection of the new stationery templates.

The color field newsletter templates are easily customized using color themes (figure 1). Pop a photo into the header and you’ve got an elegant template with very little time invested.

Figure 3. Some of the new inspiration templates
Figure 4. A few of the new coupon templates

We’ve also updated the Eventbrite templates (figure 5). If you’re promoting events through Eventbrite, you can connect your MailChimp account to send custom emails to attendees.

Figure 3. Eventbrite and SurveyMonkey auto-connect templates.

Simian powers unite with this release as we’ve introduced three new autoconnect templates that let you connect your SurveyMonkey surveys to MailChimp to send fancy invitations to your surveys (figure 5). You can learn a little more about our SurveyMonkey integration over here.

We have a lot more templates in the works too. This is just the beginning. If you’re into designing and coding your own templates, don’t forget to check out our Email Blueprint project over on Github, which contains 35 layouts (including some mobile friendly templates) that have been tested in all major email clients.