Oct 10, 2008

3 Quick Email List Segmentation Examples

Jeanne Jennings from ClickZ has some excellent tips on segmenting your email list (Really Simple E-mail Segmentation). For example:

  1. Segment by most recent subscribers
  2. Segment by "inactive" subscribers
  3. Segment by people who opened, but did not click.

Segmentation sounds like it could be a little complicated, so it’s understandable why some people avoid doing it. But they’re really missing out. We recently ran a study (See: Effects of List Segmentation) on how segmentation can help your email marketing, and found that overall, it can improve your open and click rates by over 14%.

Also, MailChimp makes segmentation super easy. We thought we’d put together 3 quick videos that show our customers how they can do what Jeanne Jennings recommends…

Video #1: Segment on most recent subscribers

Video #2: Inactive members of your list

Video #3: People who opened, but did not click a recent campaign