Sep 15, 2011

21 New Email Templates

It’s that time again, folks: we’ve added more templates for this month’s v6.3 release. 21 new templates, to be exact.

A mosaic of email templates

Here’s what we’ve got for you:

  • Newsletter: 12
  • Non-profit: 9

While we’ve added another healthy batch of general-use newsletter templates, I think the big blip on the radar here is the expansion of our non-profit category, with easier-to-use, more stable templates.

You’ll find 3 different designs with 3 variations each, but they’ve all got one focus: getting the word out about your cause, and compelling others to help. To that end, each design features prominent donation buttons and social sharing toolbars. Depending on what your message is, you can either be dramatic in style…

a dramatic non-profit template
The dramatically-styled "Matter International" template.

…or you can serve up a more muted tone:

a neutral non-profit template
Baby animals. You can never go wrong with baby animals.

Or you can ignore the designs altogether and use your own style; as always, the templates are fully customizable.

That customization is handy, but sometimes you just need to send out content without playing the part of graphic designer. That’s why we continue to expand the ‘Newsletter’ category with a variety of different template options. Need to send a quick note to your subscribers, and want to stay classy? You can use this elegant template:

a simple newsletter template
Simple design and refined typography make for a polished look.

Maybe you want to send something a little more attention-grabbing in addition to your usual content, like a coupon. We’ve got you covered:

a coupon block newsletter template
Catch a user’s attention right away with a bold opening section.

Combined with last month’s batch of 42 templates, and the month prior’s 33 templates, this month’s 21 templates bring us to a nice 3-month total of 95 new email templates. Not too shabby.

We’re already working on next month’s batch, with more non-profit templates, templates tailored for photographers, some that’ll work well for real estate listings, some new Halloween and fall-themed templates, and more coming down the pipe. Keep an eye out.