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MailChimp’s Subject Line Researcher

Ever struggle with writing your subject line? You might have missed a feature inside MailChimp that can help you with that. When you’re in the campaign builder, pondering which words to use, try clicking Research subject lines:

Behind the Scenes: How We Do Our Own Email Marketing at MailChimp

Last month, we sent an email announcement to customers about our new SMS app Gather. I guess you could call it "email marketing," though we rarely think of it that way (we just call it "talking to customers"). But the marketing team put it together, with some help from our mobile team, and a bajillion annoying …

Personalizing Subject Lines – Does It Help Or Hurt Open Rates?

More and more customers are using our automated A/B campaign testing tool to see what subject lines work best, and what day/time works best. So right now, I’m looking at A/B split data across tons of campaigns. This is a real gold mine for email marketing research, so I was hoping to discover some universal …