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Paul Jarvis Likes Trading Stories With People

Web designer and author Paul Jarvis started sending a weekly newsletter in late 2012. He had just started writing, having previously paid his bills solely with design work. He wanted a place to share his creations with his fans, and was hoping email was that place. But before long, he realized he wasn’t totally happy with how …

DoSomething’s Charity Teamwork is a nonprofit membership organization for people under 25, intent on making those people care. "Why?" their about page asks. "Because apathy sucks." With 2.5 million members, all in the 13-25 year age range, has the numbers to back up its values of believing, trusting, celebrating, respecting, and valuing young people. It’s these …

DODOcase’s Rapid Growth

DODOcase makes elegant cases, sleeves, and other accessories for iPads, Kindles, and smartphones. These handcrafted products have earned them quite a reputation as they pursue what they call "a happy marriage of tradition and technology." Since DODOcase started using MailChimp in 2010, they’ve tripled their list size while working tirelessly to make sure their email …

Ace Hotel’s Thoughtful E-commerce Curation

Ace is a mini-chain of boutique hotels based out of Portland, Ore. But as they say on their gorgeous new website, they’re actually a “collection of individuals,” just like any company, though it’s refreshing to hear one speak to it.

First Avenue’s Relevant, Rewarding Emails

Legendary Minneapolis music venue, First Avenue, boasts more than 40 years of business. During those four decades, the "downtown danceteria" has hosted artists as varied as Frank Zappa, B.B. King, U2 (who wrote part of their album, October, during a First Avenue soundcheck), Run DMC, and Lucinda Williams (who was married on the First Avenue stage in 2009).