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Coming Soon to Gmail: Better Email Rendering

Preview for Coming Soon to Gmail: Better Email Rendering

Last week, Gmail announced that they’re going to start supporting media queries. Email geeks everywhere collectively lost their minds. What’s changing? Previously, Gmail stripped the <head> and <style> elements from email HTML. Any CSS—the code responsible for styling HTML—had to be applied inline to render, which is a pain and also results in bloated emails. …

New Mobile Templates for v7.3

In this month’s v7.3 release, we’ve added a handful of new mobile-friendly templates into our template library. Mobile Templates for MailChimp release v7.3

33 New Templates for v7.2

For release v7.2, we’re adding templates designed by a skilled Atlanta web studio, along with a group of templates designed and built to work wonderfully on mobile devices. This is your monthly template rundown. Join me, won’t you? Templates for MailChimp release v7.2

Most Newsletter Templates are Nonprofit Templates

MailChimp has many pre-designed templates for newsletters. We’re always adding more, too. A handful of these templates are designed specifically for nonprofit organizations, but most aren’t. Here’s the thing, though: Nonprofits can totally use the templates that aren’t specifically designated for nonprofits. This isn’t exactly news. But maybe your micromanager needed to hear it from someone …

36 New Templates for v7.1

[Insert witty opening sentence here.] For this month’s release, v7.1, the majority of the new templates being added in the library come from two very talented outside sources. Templates for MailChimp release v7.1