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Friendly Holiday Reminders From Online Retailers

During high-volume times like the holiday season, your customers have more questions than usual. We’ve noticed some retailers sending friendly holiday shipping reminders around this time of year. It’s a win-win: your customers save time because they don’t have to go looking for shipping details on your website, and you save time by answering some …

Track Online Orders Generated From Your MailChimp Campaign

We’ve had a powerful but "hidden" feature for a number of years that makes it exceedingly simple to track the individual orders generated by a MailChimp campaign. The feature, called eCommerce360, lets you track customers as they click through from the MailChimp campaign to your site, and then passes back their order information back to …

The New Revenue Chart

Success is about more than just your email open rate. New MailChimp feature charts your campaign revenue over time, highlights top performing campaigns by revenue.