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LoveKnitting Puts Automation to Work

LoveKnitting is an e-commerce company that sells patterns and supplies to folks who—wait for it—love knitting. The company is based in London, but their customers live all over the world and use several different currencies, so the small team has to work extra hard to get the right information in front of the right people. With so many different groups to send to, …

Marketing Automation for Everyone

A long time ago, in a release far, far away, we built a feature called autoresponders. After sending nearly a million campaigns totaling more than 700 million emails, it’s time for a facelift. More than just a rebranding, though, we’re overhauling the way we do automated emails, and overhauling it in a way that’s specific to MailChimp and our …

New: Trigger Emails From Website Traffic

Have you ever wanted to automatically send a series of emails to your subscribers only if they visited a very specific web page–or completed a very specific task–on your website?