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RetroSupply Co.’s Tips for A/B Testing and List Growth

Preview for RetroSupply Co.’s Tips for A/B Testing and List Growth

Like so many MailChimp customers’ small businesses, Retro Supply Co. started out as a side hustle. Dustin Lee’s attempt to build a startup hadn’t panned out as he’d hoped.

“I was completely broke, I had $35,000 in credit card debt, and I’d quit all my freelance work to focus on this startup,” he says. “I had no money coming in.”

So he started setting his alarm for 4:30 am to get in a few extra hours of graphic design work each morning and began creating the products that would come to define Retro Supply today.

Introducing More Powerful A/B Testing

Preview for Introducing More Powerful A/B Testing

Way back in 2007, we launched A/B testing—a feature that has helped MailChimp’s 8 million users learn more about how different subject lines, from names, and delivery times affect their subscribers’ engagement rates. In this week’s release, we’re excited to introduce a brand new A/B testing experience, complete with a redesigned interface, native content testing, and the ability to …

Are Trendy Subject Lines Right for Your Business?

It’s that time of year again, when retailers remind you to buy gifts for “dads and grads.” Ah, seems like just yesterday we were “falling into great savings.” As usual this spring, I started seeing "dads and grads" popping up in my inbox. I’m interested in random copywriting trends, and Father’s Day is right around the corner, so I asked …

What Does Your ISP Say About You?

If all you knew about me was my email address, what could you say about me? Put on your Sherlock Holmes stalker hat. Does an address by itself tell you anything at all? Take my personal address: john [dot] 4man [plus] 420 [at] gmail First, let’s look at the prefix. Well, we know that the …

A/B Split Testing – Does it Help Email Marketing?

Ever since we launched our automatic email optimizer, we’ve been tracking all this wonderful A/B testing data on our system. We analyzed 1,720 A/B tested campaigns, sent to 6,226,331 inboxes (we only included campaigns sent to over 500 recipients). Overall, we found that A/B split winners did better than non-tested campaigns. By how much? Before …