Mar 31, 2009

See your campaigns in Google Calendar and iCal

icalIf your organization sends lots of email campaigns throughout the year and has lots of drafts and scheduled campaigns that span across many months, you’ll like this.

You can now see all your sent and scheduled MailChimp campaigns in Google Calendar and Apple’s iCal.

Here’s how to do it.

Go to the Lists tab in MailChimp and click on the list whose calendar you want to subscribe to.

You’ll see a new navigation option: "List Tools:"


Click on that, and then click on "iCal Calendar Settings"

Next, copy the URL to your clipboard:


Next, open up your calendar application and "subscribe" to your MailChimp campaign calendar.

In Google Calendar, adding a calendar looks like this:


and in Apple’s iCal, it would look something like this:


Once you’ve subscribed to your campaign’s calendar, you’ll see all your sent campaigns and all your upcoming scheduled campaigns for the year:


It’s a really handy feature if you have a client or manager who’s constantly asking you "when’s our next campaign going out?" or "what’ve we got lined up for next month?" Now they can just open up their calendar and see all that work you’re doing.

Man, you deserve a raise!