Demystifying Search Engine Optimization

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Search engine optimization gets a bad rap. It’s not glamorous, but for small businesses, it can be an important way to get more traffic, grow your brand, and sell more stuff. Maybe you haven’t actively optimized your website for search engines. If so, this post is for you. Consider it a primer—a way to start …

Accessibility in Email Marketing

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If you have experience with web design, you’re probably familiar with the practice of designing content so people with all abilities can access, perceive, and interact with that content. Good accessibility is really just good usability, which happens to be really good for business. For most companies, having a website that meets accessibility standards is …

Night School at MailChimp

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One of the core values at MailChimp is creativity, so it’s safe to say I work with a lot of talented humans. When I heard my coworkers Meg and Jane talking about hosting a lettering and calligraphy class in the marketing studio, I jumped at the chance to turn their after-hours art party into an …

How Happy Socks Spreads Happiness Through Automation

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During the holiday season, lots of people will be making first-time purchases and subscribing to newsletters in search of deals. Using email marketing to boost sales or interest in your brand is important. Happy Socks developed a plan that works.

Looking Back on a Year of List Management Tips

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Today, we’re recapping a number of the features, tips, and best practices that we discussed here on the blog in 2016. Think of this as a sampler tray, full of bite-sized, hors d’oeuvre versions of our original posts. Mmm, hors d’oeuvres. And don’t worry—if you decide you’d to dig a little deeper and read more about any given topic, we’ve added the link so you can go back and quickly reference the full version.