Sep 26, 2012

New Pop-Up Functionality From Web Form Builder, New Partner Discounts From MailChimp

A few months ago Lain blogged about CoffeeCup’s desktop form creator, Web Form Builder, and its integration with MailChimp. The integration makes it easy to create professional-looking, powerful, customized forms, publish them on your website, and sync the information you’re collecting with your list in MailChimp. It’s another great option for creating and customizing a signup form for your website, as well as for getting feedback from donors, event attendees, and more.

Recently, our friends at CoffeeCup released an update to their MailChimp integration that allows for the same pop-up functionality available inside MailChimp (we call it evil pop-up mode.) This means that you can set your Web Form Builder form to pop up in a lightbox a certain amount of time after a visitor lands on your site.

To set up the pop-up functionality for your Web Form Builder form, click on the settings menu after you’ve created and designed your form.

From there, just click the box to display the form in a pop up.

You can choose from three styles for the look of your pop-up form. You can also set the delay between when someone lands on your site and when the pop-up form will appear. After you set those two preferences, you’re good to go.

If you want to give Web Form Builder a try, now is a great time. CoffeeCup is offering MailChimp users 50% off either the Windows or OSX versions of Web Form Builder. If you want to take advantage of their offer, head to the Partner Discounts dashboard in your MailChimp account. (Hey, did you even know that was there? Pretty handy!)

The Partner Discounts dashboard is where we offer MailChimp users discounts on software and services we integrate with and think you might be interested in. We’ll be updating some existing offers and adding more so keep on eye on that page in your account. A few other offers we’ve added recently: 100 free MiniCards from and 10% off your first purchase with Squarespace.