Apr 1, 2009

MailChimp Launches Enterprise Executive Package

istock_000005538767xsmallIn addition to launching v4.1 with autoresponders and more, we’re excited to announce the launch of a new MailChimp offering: Enterprise Executive Package.

It’s tailored for our larger, corporate clientele, who are shifting dollars from traditional media to email marketing…


We’ve been doing some market research and our findings told us that more and more large corporations are responding to the current state of the economy by shifting their dollars from TV, print, and radio to trackable, ROI-focused marketing tools. Like email marketing.

But while MailChimp has an impressive array of tracking and reports, analytics integration, e-commerce plugins, automated A/B testing, and other power features, many executives at larger corporations have grown accustomed to the luxuries that come with large, pre-recession era marketing budgets and media buys. Such as having a dedicated team of personnel to do all their work for them, off-site meetings that require travel away from the office, and training sessions that they could send subordinates to attend.

The problem with DIY is the "Y"

According to our research, executives liked MailChimp’s power features, and recognized that the DIY (an acronym for "do-it-yourself") model allowed their companies to save a tremendous amount of time and money. But they were concerned about one aspect of the DIY model. They were willing to "do it" (i.e. the work) but just not "yourself" (i.e. themselves).

E.E.P. Offering

Clearly, there is a market with a need. MailChimp’s Enterprise Executive Package was tailored specifically for large corporations who are looking to save money, but are not willing to spend less. These corporations recognized that sometimes — especially when times are tough — in order to save money, you have to spend more of it. And MailChimp is poised to maximize the receipt of that money. Here’s what the Enterprise Executive Package offers, and how it compares to a standard "DIY" MailChimp account:

One Point of Contact: Dedicated Account Executive
Instead of having an entire team of expertly trained, 5-star personnel that you can contact via email and live chat, you will be assigned one single point of contact. The idea here is to form a bottleneck, which will decrease the chances of "over-service" in which an executive receives assistance with a question or problem too rapidly, and is then forced to get their work done ahead of time (i.e. off-schedule).  The account executive will be available during normal hours like the customer service team, but will "throttle" assistance by infrequently checking emails and leaving the phone on DND. For an added fee, you can choose the "light a fire under them" option, which will accelerate service under emergency conditions. Note that this is only available once per quarter, and requires a new setup fee for each subsequent account executive.

Standard MailChimp account customer service cost: Free
Enterprise Executive account customer service cost: $1,500 per month

Email Marketing Research
Executives have questions, and they don’t have time to "google it" or to learn the intricacies of RTFM information methods. They have meetings to attend and golf to play. So MailChimp’s E.E.P. service will include email marketing research, whereby an executive may ask their account executive any question they want (such as, "Can I use a purchased email list in MailChimp?"), and their dedicated account executive will perform a query on the MailChimp Blog, the MailChimp KB Database, and the MailChimp Email Marketing Resources center. But we know you don’t have time to listen to the answer. So we’ll print all answers in full color, onto really thick paper (24lb weight, 94 brightness, 75% linen with watermark), place it into a binder for easy reference, then Fedex it to your assistant. The answer will include an executive summary, which your assistant can summarize and leave on your desk.

Standard MailChimp account research cost: Free
Enterprise Executive account research cost: $200 per report (excluding materials and shipping)

Email Marketing ROI Analysis
Now more than ever, corporations need to track their marketing ROI. But this is much easier said than done. While the need to measure results against actual performance is "common sense" to most people, the reality is that tracking ROI involves extremely sophisticated mathematical equations, which frequently involve numerators, denominators, and division. Executives we polled liked the concept of MailChimp’s free ROI tracking tool and e-commerce plugins, but didn’t like the idea of logging in to MailChimp and interpreting the large ROI number displayed on the screen (many survey respondents called it "too straightforward" and that it left "no room for misinterpretation"). So the MailChimp Enterprise Executive Package includes an email marketing ROI analysis, whereby your account executive will log in to your account for you, click the stats icon, scroll down the screen, look at the big ROI number, then enter that number into an Excel spreadsheet. The Excel spreadsheet will be embedded into a Powerpoint slideshow, burned to CD, then shipped via Fedex to your IT department.

Standard MailChimp account ROI tracking cost: Free
Enterprise Executive account ROI tracking cost: $1,997.23 per report (excluding materials and shipping)

On-site Training
Though MailChimp provides fun online training videos (see MailChimp Academy) that are available as a video podcast in iTunes, many executives told us that self-learning was much like self-working—again, too much "Y." So at the start of every E.E.P. engagement, MailChimp will send your dedicated account executive to your location, hold an iPod in front of you, and play the training videos. Alternatively, we will pull the videos up in a browser for you (extra fees for IE6 users, and audio is required). While the videos are playing, you can ask the account executive to stop at any time, and ask them a question. At which point they will relay your question to your secondary failover account executive, who will then initiate an email marketing research query (fees outlined above).

Standard MailChimp account online training cost: Free
Enterprise Executive account onsite online training cost: $2,000 (excluding travel and extra research queries)

Available only to Supreme Enterprise Executive Package members:

Guaranteed 110% Deliverability
For an added fee, MailChimp will provide guaranteed 110% deliverability to your email list, meaning we will get your email past all the spam filters, no matter what content you provide, what email sending reputation you’ve developed, and no matter how old and poorly managed your subscriber list is.

Contact your dedicated account executive for details. We’ll perform a query and Fedex the report.