Nate works on MailChimp's Integrations team. He writes how-to documentation and helps our customers better use MailChimp's API.

Featured Integrations: February 2016

Preview for Featured Integrations: February 2016

Everyone on MailChimp’s integrations team has one thing in common—we all got our start on the support team. And when users contacted us in search of integrations with Platform X or Product Z and we knew that there wasn’t an in-house solution available, we’d typically direct them to Zapier. The ease of use and ridiculously large collections …

Featured Integrations: January 2016

Preview for Featured Integrations: January 2016

Welcome to the new year! This month’s featured integrations are designed to help e-commerce users sell more, track orders, and sync their data back to MailChimp. And they’re perfect for getting your small business on track for 2016. Let’s take a look. X-Cart X-Cart is an open source PHP platform that offers both a hosted and DIY solution for your …

Featured Integrations: December 2015

Preview for Featured Integrations: December 2015

You know that thing Ned Stark warned us about? It’s here. We’re in the full swing of the holiday season, and things have been rather eventful around here. Since we know you’re on a time crunch, we’ll get right down to it. This month, we’re featuring integrations that will help you target your existing MailChimp …

Featured Integrations: November 2015

Preview for Featured Integrations: November 2015

It’s November, and we’re scurrying around making sure everything is ready for the upcoming holiday rush. In the spirit of the impending season, I want to show off some tools that’ll help you get the most out of your email marketing efforts over the next few weeks. Whether you’re looking to do some automation or aiming to grow your list, these integrations will …

Featured Integrations: October 2015

Preview for Featured Integrations: October 2015

The holidays are approaching quickly, and if you’re in the e-commerce or retail industry, that means your life is about to be super busy. (And let’s be real: it probably is already.) To help you survive prepare, through the end of the year, we’ll be featuring integrations that will help online sellers like you to grow your lists, …