Aug 2, 2011

From Your Apple Address Book to MailChimp with Chimport

Occasionally, we receive requests for instructions on how to export a group of contacts from your email address book to MailChimp. If you take the time to clean up your address book and avoid a full address book dump, you can import your list safely. We’ve already got a few KB articles that explain how to export contacts from Outlook, Apple’s Address Book and Entourage. But if your list lives in Apple’s Address Book, Chimport might be for you and it’s available on the Mac App Store for free.
Chimport Diagram
Chimport is a utility app that allows you to selectively export contacts from your Apple Address Book, directly to a MailChimp list.

Chimport Does the "Heavy Lifting"

Chimport Screenshot

Chimport Export Window

After you’ve downloaded Chimport from the App Store, log in with your MailChimp API Key. Chimport displays your Address Book groups and contacts. Select the contacts you would like to export, choose a list and click "Export to MailChimp."

The status bar in the app will tell you how many contacts you’ve exported, how many errors occurred and how many members have been updated. Clicking on the status message will give you a more detailed report if there were errors.

Chimport uploads email, first name and last name from your contact entries to your list. First name and last name will only be uploaded if the FNAME and LNAME merge fields exist on your list, so be sure that they do. If an Address Book contact already exists on your MailChimp list, Chimport will try to update the first and last name fields.

Now that your list has been imported, you might want to take a look at all of MailChimp’s template options. There’s even a way to continue using Apple Mail and Mail’s Stationery to send your campaigns.

Download Chimport on the Mac App Store.

Update: There has been a few changes with the release of Mountain Lion that may require an extra step to make Chimport function properly. If you’re on Mountain Lion you’ll want to go to System Preferences —-> Security and Privacy and then select the Privacy Button. Once there you’ll want to select Contacts on the left hand side and make sure the box next to Chimport on the right hand side has a checkmark. I’ve attached a screen shot of how it should look when setup correctly. Happy Chimporting!